I get asked why I am doing this a lot. And to be honest its mostly because I can. But if I dig a little deeper I can come up with

4 reasons why I am doing this

1. The coming together of three life changing events


I had just heard about the te araroa trail opening and i have to admit the idea of walking New Zealand top to bottom was appealing from the get go. So I talked to people who had done it and wear and tear on gear was a common problem.


At the same time I was taking a stone tool making workshop and was amazed at how you could turn a simple stone into a useful tool. Learning about what it took to live here before Europeans arrived really speaks to me.


And then I had just started the paleo diet. A diet where you tried to replicate a hunter gatherers diet in a modern setting. I got great results with the general guidelines but felt like i could take it further.

And so these three things began me on a path of new and interesting skills each shaping how I would take this journey.

2. I have a love of making things from scratch.


There is something about it. Its usually a lot of work, can be more expensive sometimes (if you consider time valuable) never works great the first time. But there is something about slowly understanding how stuff works and having a completely unique (ugly) project that only you know how to work because its a mess….is it just me?

3. I also enjoy learning old knowledge


I have been straight razor shaving for a few years now. And there are a few things about it that are common when it comes to old vs new knowledge. New is always convenient but expensive and old is cheap but takes longer. If you stick at it long enough the things that take long stop being hard and you look like a tough guy.

4. All my idols are wandering vagabonds


I’m talking samurai jack, musashi and Caine (from the kung fu series) here. I grew up doing martial arts and it is full of stories of men wandering the countryside helping people with there kung fu skills. While some people may see a jobless barefoot hobo in flax I see a chance for awesome stories….like I said its my kind of fun.

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