The walk is only 3 months away!
And this blog has been a great opportunity to share stories of the prep leading up to my next adventure.
And I get a lot of hints, tips and ideas that has extended my makers vocabulary.
Of course you also get people telling you you’re crazy (I agree)and it’s dangerous especially when you…

1. Have type 1 Diabetes!!


Diabetes means I will have to carry food and meds at all times during my walk. If I miscalculate it can be dangerous and having low blood sugars in the middle of no where would not be fun for anyone.

But really diabetes makes you plan ahead as a habit. I have been carrying back up food and meds since I was 16. And planning out your day and adapting to unseen circumstances is part of everyday life when you are trying to manually balance your blood sugars on a daily basis. Diabetics are the batmen of the real world.

2. Are making stuff


Making stuff is sooooooo time consuming. And with technology making packs and hiking gear lighter and more efficient you will end up spending most of your time on repairing and replacing heavier and less efficient stuff.

But 6 months of continuously use of gear will always lead to it breaking no matter how good it is.
So no my stuff isn’t as good as the latest super light weight whatevers. But making your own stuff gives you the flexibility to adjust items. Improvements are slow but inevitable and the skills you’re left with…..(I can make over 12 ft of rope in under 40 mins)

3. Are walking barefooted


Carrying extra weight without heel support! The wear and tear from long days walking. And broken bottles and gorse! Diabetics are more prone to infection on top of all that. You don’t stand a chance.

Yes I’m sure I will be full of regret when I get to gorse riddled sections. But I will have a first aid kit and back up shoes (both I will be making myself)…but no blisters, no wet socks and no smelly feet. And I see your lack of heel support and raise you a learn to walk properly (I have a whole 6 months and 3000 km to practice).

4. Are hunting and gathering as a food source.


Another waste of time especially without a gun. Can you even get enough calories to sustain yourself on the trip? Just a lot of useless gear you will never use.

But there are plenty of pest animals that are tasty and bad for the environment. And I have been told I should get used to the taste of bugs by hunters who have done similar stuff.
I will be covering how I plan to hunt on the trip next blog. This is the last major challenge I face before the walk. All I can say is that I am quietly optimistic.

One thought on “Weaknesses

  1. It will be curious to see the calorie/water management come together. I would say that along with managing your blood sugars will add alot more challenge than anyone else who would attempt such a walk. You are very courageous to be doing such a wild trip when it all comes together.

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