A wee while ago I posted a blog on the things that concern me on this journey and the upside to said weaknesses. Well I feel like to balance out the downers here are some personality traits that may work to my benefit. These are my strengths.

Mindless monotonous tasks are my jam
From a young age I have trained the martial arts and where some people may think it’s all back flips and broad breaking. It is mostly endless repetition of boring moves like breathing and standing.
It’s peaceful and simple.
3000km won’t walk themselves and gear is a constant battle for improvement. Some may find it boring, I love it.

I have a strong stomach and am indifferent to taste
I pride my ability to eat anything and most native plants range from bland to bitter on the taste scale. It doesn’t bother me though…honestly.

I love having everything I own in a single pack.
A common theme when it comes to wanderers is how little they carry! I enjoy how easy life is when you don’t own much. It’s so clean! I don’t think I will ever go back

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