Trials by error messages

Learning to code is like trying to hold a basic conversation in a second language. No matter how clear and precise you think you are being, there is only so much you information you can convey when you are limited to the words ‘Yes’ and ‘hello’.

Being at EDA everyday has changed my relationship with computers. The changes are hardly noticed by those unfamiliar with who I am but never the less they are there. Like a second language, you find the ways you can express yourself in code grows the more you practice. Words like array and variable now sit in a different place in my head. Through daily exposure the computer has become a familiar tool. Not quite an extension of my hands the way it seems to be for the people I have met on site but I still have time.

In our final week, the sole survivors of Kahu banded together to make Birdseye a community crime watch app. We had a week to make mvp but each of us had hopes in making the app something we could show off to future employers. This stress of what life after code school would be like  sometimes messed with our team dynamics. Each of us with personal dramas and our own demons to wrestle.

After many talks and many more mistakes it was interesting to see how we each had a chance to freak out and be picked up by a person who was feeling it that day. There were no real leaders just the person who had the ability to do what needed to be done that day. These mistakes shaped us and together we found out what each of us found was important. When we were on the same page nothing was impossible, we had the power to do anything.   

As we came up to presentation, each of us expressed what we felt was the most valuable learning experience. Standing together we shared our story of making something, despite our differences and inexperience. As Kahu we had got though the Dev acdemy bootcamp.    

I am aware my knowledge is limited but the prospects of growing as a developer by building apps I would use in everyday life is exciting. It has been months after EDA, I balance my time making technologies both old and new I really get a kick out of sharing my work space (a standing desk made from pallets) with stone tools and a laptop. At least I can still hunt and gather if job prospects don’t look good…..and maybe even write a blog about it.17_01

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